The Board continuously monitors compliance to the Trust Deed; the Board Charter; King III; the Trust Property Control Act; the Non-Profit Organisation Act of 1997 the Companies Act, 2008 and other relevant pieces of statutory and regulatory prescripts applicable to The Mvula Trust. In order to ensure complete compliance, management has developed a compliance register that outlines all pieces of statutory and regulatory prescripts applicable to The Mvula Trust which is monitored and updated on a regular basis. No material violations have come to management’s attention during the period under
review that indicates non-compliance with pertinent legislation and codes of good practice.

The risk management policy and risk management plan which was approved by the Board ensures that all significant risks facing The Mvula Trust are adequately managed and that assurances activities are integrated and coordinated in the most efficient and proficient manner. Risk management assessment will be evaluated on an annual basis in line with good practice.

The Mvula Trust is committed to ensuring compliance across all operations and implementation of good
corporate governance practices. The Trust Deed was reviewed and adopted by the Board Charter, as well as the Delegations of Authority Framework.

The Mvula Trust assumes unwavering posture on issues of best corporate practices, proper reporting
and strengthening of internal business processes to ensure that our quality management systems are
not compromised. In the year under review, we have appointed internal auditing company to assist with risk identification exercise. Risk management is a key element in our 2020 strategic framework and we have resolved to inculcate it as part of the organisation’s culture and standard operating procedures.