Responsibilities of the Board

The Fourth Amending Trust Deed of The Mvula Trust mandates the Board of Trustees to manage and undertake developmental projects and initiatives in order to enable the poor and marginalised communities in South Africa to achieve the progressive realisation of their human rights to reasonable access to water services, healthcare and an environment not harmful to their health and environment, with reference to:

The improvement of community health and living standards, through the establishment and upgrading
of Water and Sanitation facilities, through associated health education and other public health initiatives, and through the facilitation of related developmental
• The optimal use and conservation of water for domestic and other appropriate purposes;
• Relevant research, advocacy, information dissemination, and related activities, with a view
to promoting the main purpose of the Trust, and identifying and promoting effective strategies and
good practice;
• Such other activities, initiatives, projects and programmes as may be perceived as reasonable and conducive to the achievement of the main purpose of the Trust.
• The Trust Deed furthermore commits The Mvula Trust to the objective of the betterment of society in
its chosen areas of activity, making it accountable to the public.

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