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KwaJobe Sanitation Project

KwaJobe Sanitation Project

The KwaJobe Sanitation Project is a successful project which I managed in the Jozini Local Municipality, under the UMkhanyakude area of jurisdiction. This area is dominated by rural communities which make up an overwhelming 89% of the population. The aim of the project was to construct VIP toilet units, by recruiting people locally within the community.

The KwaJobe area is classified as undeveloped, with no access to basic services such as Water and Sanitation. The project was funded by The Department of Human Settlement under the Rural Households Infrastructure Program through Umkhanyakude District Municipality, as an effort to eradicate the backlog.

There were 444 households which benefited from the project, due to 444 VIP toilets being constructed, of which four toilets were identified and constructed for people living with disabilities. It was very fulfilling to see how much owners of the VIP toilets appreciated being provided with dignified VIP toilets. The gratefulness of the community was a very humbling and positive attribute of this project which makes it all worthwhile.

Another positive attribute of the project was the fact that it resulted in job creation for the people of the community. People working on all projects were recruited locally, such as Community health workers, Community liaison officers, builders and storekeepers. The project was able to create jobs which benefited youth and women, and because the project is community-centred, lining material was also sourced within the community. The Household Sanitation Project is one of the most appreciated sources of income within communities.

The Household Sanitation Project also provided training and workshops for project leaders such as CLOs, CHWs, SPSC members and builders, before they began with their roles and duties. It is found that when people receive training, they become empowered and capacitated, so this skills transfer was another great achievement of the project.

The KwaJobe Sanitation Project was a resounding success, fulfilling The Mvula Trust’s central aim of providing rural communities with Water and Sanitation facilities, while benefiting the people of the community with job creation.


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February 5, 2016