WATER is life: that was the theme for the 2014 National WATER Week. The National WATER Week is an awareness campaign championed by the Department of WATER and Sanitation. It serves as a powerful mechanism reiterating the value of WATER, the need for sustainable management of this scarce resource and the role WATER plays in eradicating poverty and under-development in South Africa.

The Mvula Trust is an active participant in contributing to and delivering dedicated actions to eradicate the challenges and short comings of WATER access in our country and Africa as a whole. Our strategic objectives represent the forward thinking statement of specific intended outcomes, anchored and reinforced by WATER as an important commodity. These and other strategic objectives have held anchor and contributed in supporting both national and local government in the delivery of sustainable, reliable and affordable WATER and Sanitation services in schools with a view of enhancing learning and education.

This year’s National WATER Week represents and showcases once again our commitment as an organisation to our country, and to the continent of Africa as a whole. We are positioned to support and be an active organisation, a vocal mouthpiece and a “weigh anchor” for this national initiative and campaign. As our value add contribution to the campaign we are going to be doing a nation-wide activation in all our regional offices to bring awareness and assist government as dictated by our strategic objectives of supporting and partnering with government at all levels in WATER and Sanitation delivery across the country.

Our annual occupational theme as The Mvula Trust, which is our overarching communication theme for 2015 is “continuing growing values”. This theme has been adopted and will feature in all our activities and actions for the year 2015. This theme guides our overaching commitment to the South African rural landscape, as well as our stakeholders for continuing with our vision as dictated on the founding of the organisation in 1993, where the organisation committed and envisioned a South Africa in which all enjoy safe and affordable WATER and Sanitation which contributes to good health and productive livelihoods.

Inside this theme is our “memorable phrase” coined particularly for National WATER Week. You might ask what is a “memorable phrase”, a memorable phrase is The Mvula Trust’s continuing reminder of our commitment and forms a sub-divider of our overarching theme. It dictates the activities that outline our actions around a particular programme such as in this case National WATER Week.

So, in celebrating and focusing on this year’s National WATER Week, we have tried to capture the hearts of our internal and external stakeholders yet keeping our occupational undertaking and commitment at the centre of that undertaking. We hope you take pleasure and bring value and share value with this National WATER Week.

At The Mvula Trust, our “memorable phrase” for this year’s National WATER Week is; “Behind water, behind people, behind life”. This “memorable phrase” points to a stimulating chapter in the organisations life. The phrase, simply put, conveys our over 21 years of service delivery and our continuous growth development and implementation of water supply to rural, peri-urban and urban communities across South Africa as a whole.

Our proudest contribution to this year’s National WATER week and in support of the Department of Water and Sanitation’s National WATER Week is in showcasing our achievement as a result of implementing the “Spring WATER Protection” project.

This Spring WATER Protection programme benefits an entire school, the implementation of alternative energy usage through solar generated power, a stellar consideration and care for the environment and undisturbed Spring WATER flow, which benefit livestock, sanitation and drinking water which uplift and bring dignity to the community.

This Spring WATER Protection Programme will be unveiled on 20 March 2015 which is a WATER Day as an electronic copy in our executive Park.

World WATER Day was declared an international day in 1992 by the United Nations General Assembly and was first celebrated in 1993. Clean WATER is essential to the health and sustainability of the environment, people and agriculture. The increase in demand for good quality WATER requires careful management. By celebrating World WATER Day and National WATER Week, we are, along with other stakeholders, focusing our attention on the current contribution that our government and country is making to rural, peri-urban and urban communities and also to bring an increased public awareness about the importance of conservation and protection of WATER resources; and increase the participation of non-govenmental organisations and the private sector’s in World WATER Day celebrations.

On 20 March all The Mvula Trust staff will be wearing their “Behind water, behind people and behind life” T-shirts and caps to work to signify the importance of WATER.

The Mvula Trust –
Behind water, Behind life, Behind Community Development.
Celebrating National Water Week 2015