The role of Professional Service Providers (PSPs) in relation to the implementation of Accelerated School Infrastructure Delivery Initiatives (ASIDI IV) water and sanitation projects is as clear as crystal.

The office of The Mvula Trust in Limpopo has already engaged all role players who will be working on ASIDI IV projects. The similar session was held on the 30 May 2017 at the Garden Court Hotel in East London. This forms part of The Mvula Trust’s undeviating commitment towards ensuring that PSPs are equal to the task when implementation phase kicks in.

“We have learned from our previous projects that lack of proper coordination leads to lot of challenges. It is vital to tie the loose ends from the beginning to ensure efficiency. You can only do that by bringing all stakeholders on board prior to implementation”, said Trevor Rajnarain from The Mvula Trust Project Management Office.

PSPs in the Eastern Cape had an opportunity to ask questions and were clarified on many issues they raised during the session. These projects call for business-as-unusual attitude and all stakeholders are expected to follow processes as outlined in the implementation plan.