recruitment and selection criteria and principles

In making recruitment and selection decisions the inherent criteria for the job must form the basis of all criteria and be based on the principles of the Employment Equity Act.  In addition the following principles must be applied:-

Suitably qualified internal candidates will be given preference to external candidates provided this is in the best interest of the Mvula Trust.

Until such time as the Mvula Trust’s Employment Equity targets have been met, suitably qualified candidates from designated groups (as defined in the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998) will be given preference over candidates from non-designated groups.  This means that where a candidate from a designated group has at least equal merit with a non-designated group candidate or shows potential to develop the required competencies within a reasonable period of time, the candidate from the designated group will be appointed.

Further, the appointment of suitably qualified candidates from designated groups will take cognizance of the demographics within the organization, the province and the country in accordance with the targets set within the Employment Equity Plan.

Where every effort has been made to find a candidate from the required designated group/s without success, a candidate from a non-designated group may be appointed.

In evaluating the suitability and qualifications of candidates the interviewer must take cognizance of and assess all the following:

  • The candidate’s competencies;
  • The candidate’s previous experience;
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • The candidate’s potential to perform the job competently within a reasonable period of time;
  • The candidate’s formal and informal qualifications;
  • Statutory requirements for the job;
  • Minimum requirements for the job; and
  • The candidate’s commitment to the values, mission and approach of the Mvula Trust and to development and the role of NGO’s in general.

People with disabilities are viewed as historically disadvantaged and, therefore, are target groups in The Mvula Trust.  An effort will be made to identify appropriate opportunities within organisation where people with disabilities can be employed.


In some instances the improper use of selection techniques, other than tests, can result in discrimination against designated groups.  Such techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Subjective interviews;
  • Questions related to criminal records; unless this is a requirement of the job
  • Credit checks; unless this is a requirement of the job
  • Consideration of marital status, dependent or minor children or other irrelevant criteria such as where the candidate stays;
  • Consideration of one’s sexual orientation, age, disability, belief or culture.

Such techniques are to be avoided in the selection process unless they have direct bearing on the criteria for the job.

The Human Resource Department will maintain records and statistics with respect to the level of applicants, interviews and selection from designated groups for vacancies at all levels of the organization with regard to interviews that take place internally and candidates referred by external recruiting sources.

The Human Resource Department will take corrective action where statistics reveal that suitably qualified applicants from designated groups are not being:-

  • actively sought;
  • recommended for interview;
  • fairly evaluated; and
  • recommended for positions where appropriate.