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The Mvula Trust Ceo hires a graduate at the graduation ceremony
Shaping up graduates for a brighter future
ISD operations set to take a new direction
Limpopo cooperatives benefit from a skills development programme
Youth urged to embrace water and sanitation learnership programme
PSPs briefed on ASIDI IV Delivery Plan


The Mvula Trust is South Africa’s leading and largest Water and Sanitation NGO established in 1993. Our undeviating industry position has and continues to transform and empower South Africans through sustainable rural development and incomparable industry leadership.

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Project Management

  • Social Infrastructure (e.g. Schools, Clinic etc)
  • Community Based Projects
  • Management of Training Programmes
  • Management of Special Projects
  • Contract Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Occupational Health and Safety


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Social Facilitation

  • Community Liaison
  • Labour Facilitation
  • Community Training and Empowerment
  • Health and Hygiene


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Capacity Building and Training

  • Accredited training programmes in the water and sanitation sector
  • Non – accredited training programmes in various sectors
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Development of Learning Material
  • Research
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Special Projects

  • Soil and Water Conservation Project
  • Food Security Projects
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Disaster Management Projects
  • Operations and Maintenance


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Water and Sanitation

  • Rural and Urban Water Supply
  • Rural and Urban Sanitation
  • Water and Wastewater Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
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Community Development Programmes

  • Job Creation Projects (EPWP, CWP and Food Security Programmes)
  • Formation of Cooperatives
  • Solid Waste Management


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